Beach and Dock Rules


Rules and Regulations for the C&O Park-Beach-Dock

(adopted by Beach and Dock Committee and presented at 1998 Annual Meeting; modified by Board of Directors on June 26, 2009 and May 30, 2011)

Your association's committee for supervision of your Park-Beach-Dock area wishes to keep rules and regulations to a minimum. All are carefully designed primarily to assure safety and to encourage common courtesy and consideration for others.

The area is meant for the enjoyment of C&O Club members and their families and guests.

Noise does carry near water and quiet hours are requested before ten AM and after ten PM.

Cars should be used to transport and not be left or parked. Load, unload and then move the car. (Cars may be ordered towed by the Dockmaster or his/her agent.)

Swimming MUST be in the designated area. Law and common sense do not allow swimmers in the near vicinity of power boats and propellors.

Wet docks can be slippery, and shallow water is not safe for diving. Members should constantly remind guests and children so that we have NO accidents.

Litter spoils things for everyone. Leave only your footprints. Broken glass can be a disaster. Bring only safe plastic, cans or paper. This is your park. Take pride in it.

Pets are welcome if on a lease and pet's owners are responsible to pick up all messes.

Parents and grandparents -- SUPERVISE YOUR LITTLES. We have no lifeguard.

We live with nature which includes gulls, ducks, and Canada geese. Please don't feed them, and feel free to take your turn with a mop on the dock.

If you wish to reserve a portion of the lawn for a special event, please contact the dockmaster. Such occasions must not, however, exclude members from use of the rest of the lawn, beach or docks.

Your guests by boats are welcome - but a boat moored to a dock, plus a wind or a large wave can cause much trouble. Members are responsible for damage caused by their guests.

Your Association is legally required to erect certain warning signs regarding swimming, diving, boats, etc. Please respect them.

Personal motorized water craft (wave runners etc.) must be used with respect for others.

For the safety of our swimmers, the docks, our boats and our beach, there will be a no wake zone for all craft within 100 yards of the outer mooring sites.

No motorized launching or retrieval of watercraft from the park and beach area is allowed. Only hand carried boats such as canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, etc may be launched or retrieved from the beach area.

Unit owners may place small, non-powered craft on the south end of the common beach under the following conditions. (This rule is subject to change at the discretion of the dockmaster or the Board.)

- One boat per unit

- Boats shall not have motors of any kind

- Boats shall not exceed 15' in length or 5' in width

- Boats must be pulled up fully onto the beach (may not be hanging over or be partially in the water) when not in use.

- Boats shall be stored perpendicular to the shore

- Boats may be hand carried or moved with a dolly, but may not be launched using any powered vehicle

The only fires allowed in the park and beach area are ones in portable fires pits that can be removed in their entirety from the area after their use. This means no open fires on the beach in the park area.

Rules governing the use and maintenance of the C&O dock and boat slips and beach, are listed in the By-laws.

Use the area to enrich your lives but be sure you are enriching the lives of your friends and neighbors.

The dockmaster is authorized by your Association to enforce the rules.

Jeffrey Lipshaw 2013-2020