Welcome to the C&O CLUB


The C&O Club is a residential community organized as a site condominium. The organizational papers, which consist of a Master Deed, Bylaws, and amendments to each, are recorded in the Charlevoix County Register of Deeds.


The Association is self-governed by a five-member board of volunteers, elected each year by the unit owners. The Association generally holds itsannual meeting over the July 4 holiday.

This website contains information for purchasers, realtors, builders, and other contractors. Information is also available for owners of units in the project.


The current officers and board members are:

President - Chris Helstrom

Vice President - Jan Kalbfell

Secretary - Donna Stilson

Treasurer - Alexis Branoff

At Large - Steve Grant

Ban on Consumer Fireworks in Charlevoix and Charlevoix Township

As of May 2015, both the City of Charlevoix and Charlevoix Township have banned the use of consumer fireworks at all times except the day before, the day of, and the day after a federal holiday. Please note that this bans the use of consumer fireworks during Venetian Festival.

Jeffrey Lipshaw 2013